disk boot failure, inser sys disk and press enter

im 14 and have just built my first system, but i have a problem.When i start the computer it say boot disk failure and press enter.i have the cd-rom drive set to boot first and tried to install win xp but still the same message.any info and walkthroughs would be greatly appreciated.i have a asus nVidia nForce220D A7N266-VM/AA with an amd athlon xp 2000+, 256mb ddrram, 54x52x54 cd-rw, and a 40gig 5400 rpm harddrive.any info and a walkthrough would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

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  1. Are you using a legal copy of XP? I've run across a few bad copies that werent bootable.

    One solution, assuming your hardware setup/BIOS settings are correct, is to use a bootdisk to boot from and start setup manually from the DOS prompt. Just make sure you change your boot order to reflect whichever drive you're trying to boot from.

    You can download a bootdisk from here if you dont have one, just select the appropriate OS from the list.
    <A HREF="http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm" target="_new">http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm</A>
  2. Is your hard drive light connected properly? If it is, it should flash when you boot. If it stays lit, you have a cable on backwards.

    Does your computer detect your hard drive?

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  3. Did you set up the harddrive and cdrom on the same cable?
    If so did you change the jumper on the back of the cd burner to slave?
  4. Hey...congrats to you for trying to build a system at your age! When I was fourteen, I was still playing on my atari...mmmmm joust.....

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  5. 1: Check if the XP-cd you are using is a bootable one, if it is a original the this shouldn't be a problem.

    2: Check in Bios if you can se if the Harddrive is set as Master on IDE1 and if your CD is set as Master or slave. It should be set to slave if on IDE1 or as master if its on IDE2 (then you should have used 2 separate ide cables one for each device). The important thing is that the HD should be set as MASTER on IDE1! If not, check the strappings on the Harddrive and that you actually have connected it to IDE1.

    3: Check in bios that "boot other devices is ENABLED" AND that "boot from CD-ROM" is enabled.

    4: If everything is correctly set and it still dosen't work get help and if thats not possible write here again.


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