Average Computer Build. Need estimate.

Hello. I am building a rig with some spare parts ive got lying around my house. It will have my old Amd Athlon II X3 445 Rana @3.1 GHz, or I may overclock if somebody requests it, a stock amd cpu cooler (atm, however I may buy an aftermarket one) , 2gb of DDR2 memory @ 800 MHz, an old nVidia 7900 GS KO, an 80 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM hdd, a regular, nothing special 250W psu, a network card, and a regualr Compaq presario case. Also, there is an old PS2 keyboard and mouse that will be going with it, and the mother board is a regular stock intel motherboard, i will specify later on. I was wondering if someone could give me an estimate of what this system would be worth.
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  1. CPU: $60 new, $45 used

    Mobo: $50 new, $35 used

    RAM: $0 I give away 2x1GB sticks for free

    Graphics: $35 new, $20 used considering 9800GT's are $50 new

    HDD: $15 new, $8 used ($30 gets 250GB or more)

    Case: $20 new for a cheap one, $14 used

    PSU: $0 "Nothing special" PSUs are $15 new and dangerous to use at all Corsair CX430's are occassionally only $15.

    Network Card: $0--comes on mobo

    Keyboard & Mouse: $20 new, $10 used

    TOTAL: $132 used

    Personally, I'd just give it away to a friend.
  2. Well first off, the 9800 gt is not as good as the 7900 GS. And second, ram is worth something when its in a computer, third, it comes with windows 7 professional 64x, and fourth, it costs more together than as parts alone. Singular computer components sold seperately are much less expensive than a whole rig put together. That being said, how much do you think I could get for it, from somebody that doesn't know a whole lot about computers, and just wants an average office/ general use computer?
  3. First off, a 9800GT is MUCH better than a 7900GS and it's $40 at Tiger Direct. I don't know where you got that idea, but here's two sources for mine. I'm sorry I can't link you anything better, but reviews for 2006 tech compared to 2008 tech are hard to find:

    Okay, RAM is worth something...but if you go on ebay you'll see nobody's even bidding on the 1GB sticks for sale for $9.99 each:

    You can't charge for Windows unless you include a retail box with a key and, even then, there's no way for the end user to know the key's good. Only OEMs can get credit for Windows. Also, you never told me it came with Windows.

    I guess I try to give people I know who don't know much about computers good deals, not bad ones. But if you charge them for building it and include $20 for the RAM then...well you shouldn't "sell" anyone a computer with a PSU that crappy. It's okay to give away a computer like that, but if you sell it, you should use a safe PSU, not one that's likely to blow at at any time.

    So $150 with current parts, $190 if you put a PSU on it. Then add whatever Windows is worth to your buyer.

    Here's a much better total build for a comparable price--shipping included:

    CPU: $60 Phenom II x3 720BE

    CPU Cooler: $15 anything cheap

    Mobo: $40 ebay AM3

    PSU: $37 Corsair CX430 430W PSU

    RAM: $25 2GB kit from anywhere--4GB of DDR3 from PNY on Newegg if mobo supports DDR3

    Case: $30 is the cheapest I could find on Newegg that included shipping

    HDD: $50 Seagate 1TB--sadly, HDD's don't get very cheap

    Graphics: $40 9800GT

    TOTAL: $297

    What about a DVD drive?
  4. It doesn't matter though, because you can go sell it on ebay for way more than it's worth to some sucker who doesn't know any better--personally though, I'd part it out or put it together and give it away to a family member.
  5. Nah. Even ifI only get $200 for it, that's another 6870 right there. I guess my point is, computers put together, sell for more than just parts. Most people don't even know that building a computer is cheaper than buying one. Thanks for the prices. Was very helpful.
  6. Sorry I give such cheap values here--you'll get more on craigslist or ebay. Here, people don't put much value on old stuff (although your CPU is perfectly fine).
  7. I don't know if anyone has caught it yet but OP listed an AMD cpu along with an INTEL mobo... Not compatible.
  8. Yeah well, i was wrong. I meant amd. Whatever.
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