Laptop specs for crysis

HI guys
im an architecture student and my tutor recommended we buy laptops that can run crysis at atleast a medium setting

his specs are
Intel(R) Core2 Extreme
CPU X9000 @ 2.8GHz
3GB of ram (I'm running windows XP as an operating system which only
uses 3GB ram, max)
Graphics cards: 2 x NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX with 512MB ram, each.
There is a physics card in there as well.
2 x 250GB hard drives
he later recommended we use a 32bit operating system

im looking to buy something that isnt more than about Aus $2000 or 2500

what do you recommend some one mentioned :
Sony Vaio FW390
Intel Core2Duo 2.66Ghz T9550 Processor, 4 GB Ram, 250 GB HDD, Blue Ray
ROM / SuperDrive, Camera, Bluetooth, and 512MB ATI Graphics

Intel Core2Duo 2.53Ghz, 4 GB Ram, 320 GB HDD, Blue Ray ROM / DVD
Burner, Webcam, Fingerprint, Bluetooth and Nvidia GeForce 9600GT

id love to hear what anyone has to say
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  1. have you looked at the:

    ASUS W90 Series W90Vp-X2 NoteBook for $2,250? -- it has an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000(2.00GHz), 18.4" Wide UXGA, 6GB Memory, 320GB HDD 7200rpm, DVD Super Multi and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2!

    This would at least kick Crysis up to med/high settings.
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