S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl wont start (steam version)

Ok i bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl today from steam and have reinstalled it 3 times. when i go to launch it it just hangs in the starting screen for the game and then just stays there. ive left it for about 40 mins with the same result. Is anyone else having this problem or knows the fix? thanks..
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  1. From what I've seen on the Steam forums, a lot of people have had problems with both Stalker games. I can't seem to find the threads though, so I suggest you head over to the Steam forums and ask for help over there.
  2. Ok i eventually managed to find out what it is that causes this, its something as simple as the sound drivers. i had to go to device manager and turn off the sound drivers and it started right up... but now i have no sound :(. if other people are trying to fix this - head to the start menu in the search bar type 'dev' and click on device manager, and then disable the sound drivers. some people have only had to disable the HD sound drivers but i had to do them all :(
  3. Thanks! I finally can play Stalker SOC after 2 years!! :sarcastic:

    I hope you 'll find a solution for the driver problem.
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