Runesacape memories

War of the Gods

Part 1

Once upon a time there was a vicious war of the gods, Sadromin the god of light and joy was losing the war, and the evil god of chaos Zamorak was winning. Sadromin was still training one of his best mages; it was I, Minisule, and I had been training for seven years. My training was almost over, and I was the strongest one in all of the training grounds. Soon I would be going on a dangerous mission. I would have to go through Morytania which was an evil region with worshipers of Zamorak who wanted to destroy the world. Before I left, Sadromin gave me a gift to help me on my journey. It was a tamed blue dragon. Now I, Minisule, one of the greatest mages in all of Asgarnia, was on a quest to destroy all the evil monks of Zamorak, and also to free Guthix the god of balance and nature that Zamorak was holding captive. When I passed the River of Salve, which was the boundary of the good and evil lands I was reminded by my friend Drexel that it would be a very dangerous journey through the land of Zamorak. He also told me that my power would be weakened. I ignored him and when I passed the holy border I got attacked by ghouls. They were multiplying with every attack they used and soon I was surrounded. I teleported to Canifis, the town of werewolves, where I used my special thunderbolt to attack all the ghouls and send them to Sadromin’s training center where they would get stronger and fight on the side of good. I still had a long way to go before I reached the Zamorak base but, luckily, I could teleport from town to town. I soon ran out of blood runes to teleport with so I had to make more. I went to the blood rune altar in the Barbarian outpost where I had to make them. I made 70000 and I went north to the deep wilderness. When I got to the gate of red dragon isle, to my surprise there were 700 hellhounds waiting to eat my flesh…

Part 2 ….

Dogs, dogs, dogs

The hellhounds were on fire and my flesh was being ripped off but a friend of mine called Darien came to save me. He was a mage who studied under the great god Guthix. He cast his most powerful spell to hold off the hellhounds for a while. I then used my retribution prayer to heal my body, we set off to red dragon isle with the hellhounds chasing us, but to our surprise instead of a red dragon it was actually the King Black Dragon. It had 3 heads and it was about 15 times my size. My friend Derion and I needed more people to use the circle formation on it because it was the only way he could be defeated. Then the idea struck me to summon some of the trainees in Sadromin’s training ground. I tried to summon as much as I could with my magic and about 20 warriors came up. There weren’t enough people though for the circle formation but we had to try. Derion decided that we should both continue on to the base and let the warriors take care of the King Black Dragon. We reached the base and we found about 700 hellhounds waiting to greet us…again…

Part 3 …

Saving and choking

I didn’t hear a sound and my eyes were closed, so I assumed I was dead. I realized, however, if I was dead I wouldn’t be able to know if I was dead or not. I opened my eyes to find my dragon. He had saved Derion and I. Derion was going to jump off the dragon but I stopped him and told him it was mine.

My dragon shot flames out into the valley, destroying all the hellhounds that were waiting for their midnight snack. For some reason, my dragon went berserk and plummeted to the ground. I told Derion to jump off the dragon while I checked what was wrong. It seemed it had chocked on its own fire ball. To our luck, we were at Zamorak’s base. Guthix was deep inside.

Part 4

Derion’s defeat

Derion entered the base and told me the coast was clear. However, my sixth sense told me something was happening. I entered and I looked up to see a group of evil dwarves.

They saw me look at them, so I told Derion to run to the next room. When Derion was gone I used my most powerful spell, “Gigornos.” A huge dark cloud appeared and the dwarves were sucked into it. Derion was busy killing some Zamorak monks in the next room but he was having trouble, Because Guthix was either good or evil, Derion, who was an apprentice of Guthix, was in the presence of evil. He was turning more and more evil by the second. Derion’s evil form was much stronger than I could ever be so I would have to destroy him soon. But I would let him destroy the monks first. While I was powering up my magical energy, I saw Derion. His eyes were jet black, which was a sign of him turning evil. I got to use my destruction spell. Derion turned around and saw me, and he cast one of his powerful spells right when I cast mine.

The clash of our two destructive waves was amazing but Derion’s wave was not strong enough. Derion was dead and I had done it, but at least I knew it was for a good cause.

Chapter 2

Guthix’s Return

I sadly walked into the next room. It was easy to find that the room was booby-trapped, for when I stepped in a flame shot at my head. I noticed some peculiar tiles on the floor some of which I stepped on nothing happened but on the others either a flame or a big saw shot at me. I decided to make it easy, I charged up my magical energy to the max, and used a spell to levitate over the tiles.

The next room was the throne room. But Zamorak was asleep so I could get the keys to Guthix’s prison.

Part 2

Guthix’s fury

I got the keys to Guthix’s room, but now I would have to find Guthix’s room. I searched the palace so many times to find that Guthix was just chained behind Zamorak's throne. I untied Guthix and his fury was so strong I could feel his strength in my bones. Guthix wanted to leave the terrible place so fast that he sent me flying when he ran out, but when he ran out the alarm went off and all of Zamorak’s minions were guarding the door. Guthix was so angry he shot a powerful wave of green light that destroyed them all. Now I knew why Sadromin wanted Guthix on his side, Guthix’s rage was strong enough to destroy anything.

Part 3

A lonesome battle

The real Zamorak was pure evil and had a whole lot of power at his disposal. It was now that there would be a battle between two gods and the outcome would be the fate of the world.

Guthix and Zamorak clashed. The magic they used were so advanced it was hard for me to look. Guthix hit Zamorak with a weak spell but Zamorak hit Guthix with a powerful spell. Guthix was on his knees and Zamorak was about to destroy him. All of a sudden I shot my most powerful spell at Zamorak. It barely hurt him, but it got his attention away from Guthix. Guthix charged up his finishing spell but Zamorak was charging his at mine. I told myself that I had failed and all of a sudden my staff shot a blast with light so immense that it blinded Zamorak. And that was the opportunity Guthix needed to fully power up his spell. Zamorak wasn’t defeated by Guthix’s blast just merely knocked out.

Part 4

Guthix’s meeting with Sadromin

Guthix and I finally reached Sadromin. Sadromin told me to leave the room while he and Guthix had a discussion of how to destroy Zamorak and his evil army. Meanwhile while I was waiting for Sadromin, 6 hellhounds were in my way. 6 hellhounds weren’t much so I blasted them away with a simple spell, but then I realized if the hellhounds were near so was Zamorak.

Chapter 3

Part 1

The fight of Sadromin and Zamorak

At the horizon I saw bats and red dragons flying toward our base. I rushed into the room to tell Sadromin the news. But to my luck Guthix and Sadromin were not in there I assumed they were in a parallel universe. So I waited for a while but Sadromin and Guthix didn’t come back. All of a sudden I heard an explosion I looked in its direction, there was some writing in the sky, and it said “I have captured Guthix and Sadromin, forfeit the Minisule war and I will give them back. I was happy because Zamorak knew my name but I was also frightened because I know that if I gave up the war. The world would have to suffer in a land of anarchy.

Part 2

Minisule and his true power

I geared up to go back to the Zamorak’s base. I had the legendary precursor armor on and I was ready to go the base I teleported there, and bowed to Zamorak. I promised my loyalty to him. But then I shot a gorgerins spell at him Zamorak got sucked into the hole and I freed Guthix and Sadromin. We all powered up are spells. We shot our spells when a figure came out it was actually kid Buu, Zamorak’s son.

Part 3

The true battle

Sadromin, Guthix and I headed back to our base, when we got there we found it destroyed our troops were still there, but it seemed like they where attacked by ghouls, their faces where as white as the snow on the mountain of rune essence. Guthix cast a healing spell and the troops were ready the war against Zamorak had really started now.

Part 4

Stormy day out here

Our troops went to the valley of death, Zamorak and his troops were there also and then the war started. Guthix, Sadromin, and I put our spells together to form a storm; the storm was so strong that it took me off my feet luckily for me I could fly. Zamorak was the only one left on his side of the field, he screamed something in a language I didn’t understand Sadromin and Guthix both gasped. I knew something was wrong, I tried to run away but my legs were stuck in the ground, it was Zamorak’s attack, his troops were being reborn and I was being sucked into a vortex, and Sadromin and Guthix were also… it was the end for all of us we could no longer defend the good. “This is the last chance I have to save the people I love” I said in my head. I cast a spell while I had a chance. I would sacrifice myself but at the same time I would be able to keep the world from being sucked into darkness… I ripped out a forbidden spell from my spell book and with every last bit of energy I plunged myself into darkness. And I was able to put time back to right before Zamorak turned evil. My role in history was done… now it is time for another hero to emerge and to defeat the never ending flow of darkness

End of book 1

Book 2

(Delgorad the righteous)

I didn’t like going to hunt for food in the night but it was the only way I could support my family. I always went to hunt in the Medora Forest. The forest was said to be magical, containing the homes of unicorns, flying horses and dragons. But I didn’t believe in that junk, that is Childs play. Anyway I was hunting in the forest when a large pack deer racing across the path I lunged out in front and cast out a net. I caught three of the deer the rest changed paths and were able to escape, but the ones I had caught were enough for one day. After I had slain them and cut them into manageable pieces I headed back to my home. On the way there I found the corpses of some of the legion of ragnoros the hell lord. They looked as if they had been bitten by a monster so. I ran away as fast as I could home when suddenly I hit the town elder. I made my apologies and tried to get away as fast as I could but he stopped me, he asked me if I had seen anything in the forests I told him I hadn’t but he didn’t seem to believe me. After I got home I saw that no one was there. They all seemed to be gathered in the town nearby, it seemed like there was trouble I headed to them as fast as I could… according to what I had picked up Ragnoros was looking for something in the forest. No one was quite sure what but we were all told not to interfere. That however gave me an urge to see what was happening. i went home and started to pack my bags and by the next day I was off.

As I navigated the mysterious forests I got the feeling I was being watched I turned and headed into the bushes where inside I saw a baby pridewing. It was alone so I assumed its mother had been eaten or it had gotten lost in the forest I decided I would help it when suddenly I was ambushed by ragnoros’ army, they knew I was the only one who was able to escape the forests magical grasp.

I was forced to help them navigate through the forest. Eventually we found a hidden valley that I had not even known about. As we went down ragnoros had found what he was looking for. He had his troops toss me aside and I rolled down the hill tiny rocks piercing my body. I lay down unconscious bleeding profusely. I start dreaming, im in a vast empty white room. A man walks up to me, he says “get up”

As I get up he touches my forehead and a symbol appears on my forhead.

“whats this?” I ask as I touch my forehead

“it’s the mark of delgorad, now you will be able to heal yourself and negate the attacks of enemies through magic” he stated

“Who are you” I ask him

“I am Delgorad the Righteous, the protector of light and defeater of evil!” he exclaimed
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  1. i think you take a childrens game too seriously, play GoW2 and see some blood spill, that always helps
  2. This was just a story my friend found on his computer that he wrote back in the 6th grade LOL
  3. oh i see, 6th grade? not bad
  4. I left RS for Lord of the rings shadow of angamar. Now on Mines of Moria.
  5. So what happend next? Is that all? Tell your friend to write a full book on it. More I want more!Very nice BTW!
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