GTA IV - Graphic Card problem

i recently bought gta iv for pc. just to notice that my graphic card runs it very laggy and ugly, its unplayable. i would like a new graphic card.

heres another thread i posted on if anyone wants to see their suggest and maybe recommand one of them


Manufacturer: HP-Pavilion
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 3070MB RAM
Hard Drive: 309 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
Monitor: HP w2207 Wide LCD Monitor
Sound Card: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Keyboard: USB Root Hub
Mouse: USB Root Hub
Mouse Surface:
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_ldr.071023-1545)

i would like a good one that would run gta iv with no lag and maybe medium.
im in canada and i dont use ebay so please check retail stores like tigerdirect.

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  1. Well there is a graphics card forum here for a reason...don't go making a new thread though

    You need to look into overclocking your cpu....try using clockgen or setfsb and look at some guides...your processor is very very "bad" at its stock speed for gta iv...and if you looked at benchmarks you would have known your pcs "graphics card" is ***....

    Since your monitor is 1680x1050 i would recommend either a GTX 260 or GTX should probably sitck to the WILL need to buy a new power supply as well since your stock psu can't handle the new card and its requirements

    So list your budget as well...
  2. overclocking, more details? :P whats clockgen. and im not looking for vamping up my pc for gaming, i just want something that would make gta iv play better with less lag and graphics, i checked the benchmarks. and when i checked it said its runable. also i dont think changing my processor is needed. and if i change it what would happen. nothing much.

    yeah i know i need a new power supply as mine is bad i never thought i needed it. i was thinking of playing gta iv on low also on the other forum i posted if u check under the ( cheapest ) graphic card the guy posted it says it uses minimal power so i might not have to change it . im not a tech savvy so i dont know much but i would like the graphic card under 100 $ and power supply just something that runs everything ( remeber i just want to run gta iv without having to redo my computer just for a game. i thought i would just need to change the graphic card and supply power. i still dont understand overclocking and not sure why my processor is bad.

    ( please just keep in mind i just want to run the game without paying a ton, )
    im not sure how much a average power supply costs or graphic card so i cant really give u a budget but i would like around 100$ and down for graphic card and probably about the same for the power supply
  3. Don't upgarde your processor, but do look into OCing. And a graphics card update will also make a pretty big difference.
  4. Quote:
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

    Not a gaming card, period. The GPU has to go before you even consider doing any modern gaming.
  5. ^+

    Also please do not advise people to overclock if they've never done it before... Quad 2 Core 6600 its an ok CPU, its the game code that sucks arse. It's a poor console transfer. You should look into switching your GPU to either GTX260 or ATI 4870. They are priced out competitively so you can get a good deal.

    CPU overclocking requires a bit more skills, and probably new components for you, which means more money. You PC probably has an HP OEM mobo so it will give you poor OCing results, than YOu'll have to buy a new PSU and a new heatsink.... so if you look at overall pricing you are better of with buying new CPU.

    Getting back to the original question. YOu will be able to play GTA IV with just getting a better Video Card, your settings wont be maxed out but you will have a playable frame rate.

  6. yeh im was lost with the overclocking, i know i need a new graphics card and psu.

    also i think the gtx260 is kinda over the top, do u know anny good ones priced around 100$ and lower, i dont want to spend a fortune just to make gta iv playable and maybe get grid on higher graphics.

    im not looking to change my cpu as its an okay one ( compared to my friends ) and yeah. just wondering the graphic card will run gta iv faster? and maybe sharper?
  7. Yeha, Graphic card will help a bit and will give you playable frame rates just dont expect anything over 40FPS.

    This is a good deal
    I have the 1GB version and it runs cool and quiet compering with other HD4800s with stock cooling.

    or for $50 less you can get teh hd4850 version which is still pretty good.

    from Nvidia for that price range you can get

    Here is a review that might halep you decide to pick somethign from the $100 price range.
  8. Oops sorry double post.....
  9. For $100 You should look for HD4770 video card if You can find one. It also uses only 80W of power so You should be able to get away with Your old PSU. Don't expect to play maxed out but You will be able to get decent quality settings and performance.
    Also it could be Your memory is running on single channel because it is 3GB so You might want to upgrade to 4GB and run dual channel.
  10. ati HD3870 how about that <
  11. 01philip01 said:
    ati HD3870 how about that <

    what resolution do you want to play at?
  12. not sure :P
    u mean like on gta iv, medium, low high?
  13. No , he meant what screen resolution 1280x1024, 1900x1200 ? Bigger the resolution more pixel yo uhave to push through your GPU and thus you'll need a better video card.
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