WTB Dual core cpu/mobo combo.

Hi I'm looking for a cheap combo. Looking for older amd x2 and mobo combo. If you have some ram with it I can pay a little more.
My brothers motherboard fried and zap'd his cpu too. So asking if anyone has a cheap combo for sale. Not looking to spend over 50$ depending on the combo
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  1. If his mobo fried and zap'd his CPU, it's an excellent time to upgrade his entire system. An Athlon x2 (not Athlon II) is pretty old. Even if you do want an old AM2 motherboard, I'd still stick an AM3 CPU in it. Good luck with finding something in your budget though.

    Also, the fact that your brother's motherboard "fried" likely means your PSU is bad. Consider replacing that (with a good brand like Antec).
  2. Well he doesn't have 300-400 dollars for a budget gaming build to just play WoW and CS:Source. He's 11. This used to be my computer up until a year or two back.

    Ive tested everything on it. His cpu and motherboard are fried. He wanted to clean it and unplugged everything and somehow got the motherboard and cpu.
  3. I guess what I'm saying is that $50 could get you an old Athlon x2 mobo/CPU combo. $100 could get you a Phenom II x3 ($60 recently) & mobo--then you'll need the cheapest DDR3 you can find. I know it cost a bit more, but you'll get 3 years of moderate gaming on it instead of it already being a low-end gaming system.

    Alternatively, you could probably also find a cheap Core 2 Duo/mobo combo that uses DDR2. That's also faster than Athlon x2's and overclocks much higher.

    Like I said, your PSU is probably the problem and probably fried your mobo & cpu. So you might wanna think twice before putting new parts in there.
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