2 lg 27" led slim monitors and evga gtx 580 fs and alienware m17x

I have 2 monitors and one vid card for trade and alienware m17x. all items are 2 months old and not really sure I need them. I am looking for an ipod classic 160 and a amp like Ray samuels audio p51, tomahawk, or pico. Would also consider a nikon dslr like a d5100 or d7000. Monitors retail currently for 329 each and vid card 480.00. Alienware m17xr2 has i7 740, 6 gigs ram, 2 5870's in crossfire, 2 320hd in raid0. Would like 1k for notebook.

I am open to money offers but really would like a trade Guess I would take 950.00 obo for the vid card and monitor and 1k for notebook. Or make offer for individual items.
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  1. Price drop. 275 each monitor 380 fr vid card. Makes it 930 for all 3 and laptop still 1k.
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