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Want to sell used parts - Help??

Hi Guys,

Basically I've had my computer for a few years and as I'm starting to see better hardware come out, I really want to get them. The problem is, if I do, I feel like I wasted my used parts. Here's a list of the things that I want to sell:

Intel i7 920 4.2 GHz
Gigabyte EX-58-UD7
4x2GB Kingston 1333 MHz ValueRAM
Reference (I think) HD 4870x2 (I got it from a Powercolor RMA)
Thermaltake 650 W PSU
Coolermaster USP 100 Case (from China though, a little different)

I just need help on what the general price range for these things would be. Searched on Amazon, Google and stuff already, business with these parts seem to be slow and there doesn't seem to be an accurate price interpretation. Also, where would the best place to sell these things be? Should I sell it as a whole computer or as seperate parts?

Thanks in advance
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    The price range really depends on where you want to sell them. On craigslist or ebay, you tend to fetch higher prices than here. You should be able to find ebay prices, but I'll give you a rough estimate.

    i7-920: $135

    Gigabyte EX-58-UD7--Did you mean this?: GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD7
    If so, then around $200...but there's HUGE variance in that thing's price since its very high end, but old tech.

    4x2GB 1333 Value DDR3--New 2x2GB is $26, so $38 total maybe? You'd do better selling it separately. Try this guy who may need cheap ram:

    4870x2: Considering it matches about GTX 570/Radeon 6970 performance, which is about $300, then maybe give or take $200 since it's old (DX10, higher power draw, dual GPU, etc.)?

    Thermaltake 650W PSU--I don't really trust Thermaltake, not that they're shoddy, but they're not Corsair. It's also not new, which greatly diminishes its reliability. I suggest you sell it to a friend because people tend to not buy PSUs from people they don't trust.

    Case--it looks like a used $50 case, so 80% of it's original price plus shipping if it's in perfect condition and it goes down from there.

    Sorry, I can't give you anything that accurate. Hopefully that's something to go off of though.
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