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i have a problem in my daily back up from windows 2008 which is my share point server:
the capacity of my backup increases 2G per day where i have set an icrementak back up of my data and i'm sure that the data changes are not more than 100M . i check the backup details and understand that 99% of this 2G belongs to SPACE USED BY BACK UP COPIES .
what should i do to avoid these copies because they are too large?
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  1. make sure the folder you're backing up to is excluded from your backup selection.
  2. what backup solution do you use? ntbackup/backup exec/etc? drives/tapes/NAS?
  3. hi mi1ez , thanks for your responce.
    how could i check whether the folder i'm backing up to is excluded from my backup selection.
    and i use windows server backup which is run in windows server 2008.
    i don't get your point about ntbackup/backup exec/etc? drives/tapes/NAS.
  4. Did you set the backup job to include VSS copies?
  5. Quote:
    Did you set the backup job to include VSS copies?

    yes, i set it to vss full copy because i've read that if you're using a third party application to manage your backups you have to choose VSS COPY BACKUP.
    but if not it's recommended to set it to VSS FULL BACKUP.
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