WoW for a laptop? lost.. need help

Okay folks, im not a big computer guy at all, i would just like help looking up a notebook that would fit me. I play WoW, kind of alot, so i would definately like a laptop that would run this with ez. This is not the only thing i will be doing with this laptop, i also love to multi task while i play WoW (music/myspace/thottbot/addons(ect)) i would also like to be able to surf the web, do research, and prolly watch movies (ect). I am currently looking at im not sure what im looking at but id like a cheap notebook. so i saw this laptop "CZ-9 Ultra" for 759$, stats below.

Model Intel 15.4" NB

Video Card 512MB NVIDIA 9600M GT

CPU Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor T6400 (2x 2.0Ghz)

MONITOR (TFT LCD) 15.4" 16:10 Wide Screen WXGA 1280x800

Memory 4 GB DDR2-800

Hard Drive 250GB 5400 RPM

DVD Drive 8x Dual Format DVD±R/±RW Drive

Network Gb Network LAN &
56K V.92 Fax-Modem,
Intel Pro/Wireless 5300 802.11 a/g/n Wi-Fi Link

Others 3x USB 2.0 Ports, 3-in-1 Built-in Media Card Reader, High Performance
Li-ion Battery, Web Camera 2.0 Mega Pixels & Fingerprint Security, FREE Deluxe Carrying Case.

Those are straight from the website, can sum1 compare stats with these to see what i would need to upgrade? or maybe point me in a different direction if needed?

- Thanks, Dil
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  1. First of all don't buy a laptop to play games

    second, don't by a laptops to play WoW.

    There's a ton of reason why no't to buy a laptop.

    Sure, theres a bunch of laptop that will play Wow for a good while, you'll probably pay around 1000$ for thoses.

    But at 1 point it will overheat and fry....

    I have a few costumers that bought asus laptops for gaming and it were pretty good

    The laptop in your post looks pretty good to me.

    But you have to keep in mind that most videocard for laptops are not that good compared to desktops.

    Hope you reconsider
  2. well im just about out of my parents house, so id def like the idea of just pick it up and go, and im sure when i am out i might be on the move alot, im not 1 of those kids that will sit there for 24/7, im one of those kids that gets bored and walks to the kitchen and back so i can an excuse to leave. so about how long would 1 of these last about? in your opinion?
  3. lapot work just fine for wow i play it on my laptop and mine is a pile compared to what your looking at with the stats of the laptop your looking at it will run wow kick ass. so dont worry what that dude says go ahead and get a laptop. just remember to keep the laptop up off the surfes to alow air flow kus the fan is on the botom
  4. ohhh thanks t-larson6, exellent, i will def have to decide what i want soon hehe.
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