WTS A8-3850


Got a new (open) A8-3850 Going hac pro instead

Everything else is returnable but the cpu (cpu's are not returnable... I should argue that it's an apu haha :sol: )

Paid 140+tax, it's open, make an offer! :bounce:

Paypal, or local to Philadelphia let me know.
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  1. Ebay link was just to show pic, I'd obviously rather not pay them...

    Make any offer!

    Also have a Gigabyte A75M-UD2H mobo paid 115, feel free to make offer on that as well (good FM1 board, lots of USB and graphics ports, even displayport)
  2. Store took back the chip after I overheated it... so I have to find a way to remove this thread...

    Other than that, from everything that I've read, cfx with a 6770 is 130% better (that's more than double) a stand alone 6770 - is the PCIe controller on the APU? sharing system ram?

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