Will pay someone in the NY, Manhattan area

I need my pc overclocked and air cooled safely, as well as a possible core unlocked.
I tried unlocking it myself but some options weren't in my bios, but according to the charts it can be unlocked.
I know it's a crap shoot but it's worth a shot for 20% more performance.

Motherboard: GA MA790XT UD4P
Processor: Phenom II x3 720 BE
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  1. Gigabyte should overclock just fine. I am at work in the city right now, I might be able to help
  2. I need someone who is a real pro.
    I'll need a fan installed and my core unlocked, only thing is that it's hard to do without you monitoring my PC for a few days to see what's stable. Or else I would just invite you over, where are u from in NY?
  3. I live in Queens. A fan installed? Do you mean a different heatsink? Its advisable to get an aftermarket cooler because the stock ones really suck. Did you buy one yet?

    Make sure you have the lastest BIOS and drivers for your motherboard. check here:

    core unlocker is usually done in the bios and that is where you want to OC as well. CPU-z and prime95 should be used to montior your speeds/temps and test for stability.
  4. I'm out of town right now I will install those when I get back. Do I install ALL of the Bios drivers of just the latest one that would be F8G, because they all seem different.
    Also for drivers I take it I should update my AUDIO, chipset, and SATA RAID. LAN?

    My current fan/heatsink is

    I am thinking of upgrading to

    How far into queens are you? if you're ever in the city after 6 you could swing by.
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