The Evolution of Computer Graphics

Yes folks, we've gone a long way from EGA!

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  1. You been laid off or something? :P
  2. I don't see artificial girl 3...or sexy beach 3...or any other illusion or hentai game period.....seriously...
  3. Haha no mi1ez... did it look like I was screwing up the forum? Or are poking nips already NSFW? :P

    Well... this topic isn't in the Old Man's/Woman's Club.. Maybe you can contribute there? :D
  4. Hey, EGA was fairly advanced! hence 'enhanced' if you want real old-school graphics on the x86 platform look at CGA.... or even better I remeber a load of games that only had ASCII graphics - 10rogue springs to mind - though no scantily clad women.
  5. yeah, I remember some of my old CGA games. Network Q RAC Rally was great!

    @r_maniac It just looked like the meaningless ramblings of someone with too much time on their hands!
  6. @will_chellam: I guess we had to rely on our imagination more before. Remember how Metroid fans got so worked up over this?

    mi1ez: Trust me, I don't. It's something I noticed :D
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