Tried all ways to play dx9, doesnt work?

hi, ive been playing crysis on dx9 for a few weeks now and get ALOT better performance. all of a sudden earlier today everytime i click play or any other option that would launch it dx9, it always seems to play dx10. i tried the exe" -DX9 thing but that didnt work. I tried right clicking and choosing play dx9, which didnt work. just within the last few minutes i reinstalled crysis and it still doesnt work. im not sure what could have happened...i keep my pc very protected and manage everything closely. what could be the problem?

the version of crysis i have is the special edition through the EA download manager.
does anyone have any other options to play dx9 or maybe briefly tell me how to do the exe" -DX9 way again in case i did it wrong? thanks.

not sure if you would need my specs, but just in case-
t5550 @ 1.83 GHz
vista home premium 64 bit
4gb ram
8800 gts 512mb
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  1. have you tried messing about with the commend line?

    Tried using google?
  2. I would try the right click go to properties method but when i right click on my crysis desktop shortcut and click properties, the target box just sais crysis and i cant type in the box it wont let me. it just switched to dx10 by itself to, one day its dx9, and the next its dx10 and cant go back to dx9 and i swear i didnt do anything.(all i use my pc for is crysis pretty much) is there a link to a site or if anyone here knows ALL ways of forcing dx9? i would install my OS again but unfortunately my cd drive isnt working. i got crysis thru the EA download manager.
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