PS3, YDL, and a NTFS usb drive

Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone here has YDL(Yellow dog linux) installed on their PS3 and has tried to play large files from a USB drive. By large i mean files that are over 4GB, most likely HD media. From what i found through other research is that YDL can read the NTFS file structure but not right to it; i don't think that should be any real problems for me.

The real thing i'm wondering about is if you could hook-up a Drobo thats NTFS formatted to a PS3 with YDL and play HD media. I think it's very unlikely that i'd find anyone with this specific combination or set-up so if i can find an answer to the first question that might give me a better idea of what would happen. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don't think you'd encounter any problems ghost... how do you plan to connect the Drobo to the PS3? USB? Ethernet?
  2. It'd be through ethernet.

    The more that i think about it though i think it might be cheaper to just put together a HTPC. But this is all theoretical as of now seeing as how i don't own a PS3 or HTPC.
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