How much should I sell my i7-940 Rig for?

Hey Everyone,

I currently have 3 I7 desktops and am looking to sell one of them. How much would you sell the following rig for?

Coolmaster Case

Intel I7-940 Processor (2.9ghz)
12 gigs of Corsair XMS3 (1600mhz)
500GB (7200RPM) Seagate Hardrive
650W Antec Power Supply
Nvidia 460GTX Graphics Card
EVGA X58 LE Mobo
Windows 7 Professional Legit Copy
LG Burner Cd+Dvd

Links to products down below: (Case) (Graphics Card) (Mobo)
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  1. When you figure out a price let me know as I am looking for an i7 rig.....thanks.
  2. CPU: $150
    RAM: $90
    HDD: $40
    PSU: $40
    Graphics: $100
    Mobo: $80 ($88 new on EVGA B-stock)
    Windows: $0--You can't sell software reliably, so it's not worth much
    DVD: $20
    Case: $30? It depends on what case.

    TOTAL: $550

    That's an estimate. It might be worth a little more or little less and does not include shipping.
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