Prototype: the best beat-em-up ever

yea yea, its arguable; but I actually have to say i'm floored with how fun this game is, even though there is repetition in the design, the game has a lot of depth, customization and challenge, i'd recommend it to anyone who likes beat-em-ups!
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  1. Can you configure it the way you like on a PC or do you have to use a gamepad like Dead Space? Also can you crank up the graphics? From the trailers I've seen of the game it looks fun but it's doesn't look to have killer graphics. Left 4 Dead looks better.
  2. If you ever played The Hulk on the first Xbox it is a lot like that except more... A LOT MORE! Graphics are around Assasin's Creed level but then some things that you normally wouldn't notice are just OK. The games seems to be done in layers where the upclose parts are steller, then segments are just medium, and then some stuff is just OK. To be honest though it doesn't matter because by God there is so many people running and screaming... you really feel it. Just very intense and it has a decent story. It's one of my favorites too.
  3. Downloaded cracked copy few days ago and it looks like I will be heading to store to buy original copy. And that happens maybe 1 in 20 games I try. So Yeah I like it.
  4. Hmmm. If it is that good. maybe i'll give it a go also.
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