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just read your articles...... as i wanted to buy a hardcore gaming laptop, but from your views it seems like there is none as such between my budget of 40 thousand............
so just tell me which will be best for moview viewing and editing, sound quality, bigger screen ...... and can it play racing games like grid, grand turismo, split/second, nfs most wanted, and the likes.........
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  1. Hi tomshom, 40 thousand what? If its dollars, then you can literally buy anything! :P

    The best deal I've seen so far is the Sager NP8662. It's perhaps the "cheapest" laptop with a powerful graphics card at $1,500. The laptop has a 15.4" display, and enough power to run even the most demanding games.
  2. 8660 is really good, i searched but got no reviews.....

    Unfortunately I dont keep very up to date in the notebook world so I m not entirely on top of all this but I cant seem to find any information at on all at the Sager 8660.

    Is this notebook so new that it has no reviews? I would really like to get some more detailed info.
    Whats the battery life when surfing the web?
    Whats battery life when watching movies?
    Does it feel good ergonomically?
    Is this thing more bulky than it looks?
    Whats the pros of it?
    Whats its cons?
    I want to go with the 9800 how will that affect my battery life when not gaming?

    You know all the general stuff I've always found in the reviews here and everywhere else.

    If anyone has one of these and could give me some info that would be great and could help me make a decision thats right for me I'd appreciate that too.
  3. budget is 40,000 whats?
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