X-blade HDR and dynamic lighting effect are not supported in 4870x2

hi guys in X-Blades the HDR lighting and the dynamic lighting effects are not working properly on my 4870x2

all the plants appear as just ordinary light when HDR and dynamic lighting are turned on.

is anyone else facing this problem. if so is there any way to solve this problem.

are there any patches which could enable this support for 4870x2. guys please give your suggestions.

my config

operating system: windows 7 beta version 7000
graphics card: 4870x2
ram: 6GB
CPU: q9550 2.83
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  1. but the game works fine with an nvidia card (8800gts 640MB) on vista

    so do u guys think the problem is with windows 7 or ati 4870x2

    plz give your suggestions
  2. It's probably a driver issue with Windows 7 Beta. Check the ATI forums to see what info there is there regarding drivers for Windows 7 Beta. But it's not uncommon for a beta OS to not have full support for such things. NVidia didn't release full driver support for the 8800s for Vista until the day after Vista's retail launch. I could be wrong on this particular issue, but beta OSs are generally not going to give you the best gaming experience.
  3. Arokia, are you really running Build 7000? If you are running anything below 7100 you had best switch out very soon. Starting July 1 of this year, the old betas are timing out. Download the free copy of the Windows 7 RC from Microsoft ( http://tinyurl.com/832nco ) and reinstall.
    Beyond that, are you using the Windows 7 specific ATI Catalyst driver package, or are you using the Vista one? If you are using the Windows 7 specific one (WDDM1.1), try switching out to the Vista one (WDDM1.0). You lose a bit of resource usage efficiency with the Vista ones, but you might gain some stability.

    Kurtis Whittington - Microsoft Windows Client Team
  4. thanks dude i reinstalled windows 7 version 7100 and now the problem is over

    the lighting effects work perfectly
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