Settlers 6 screen tearing while scrolling with gtx 295

Ive tried so many combos now, vsync on, off, app setting, trip buffering on and off, high settings, low settings ....and my scrolling in settlers 6 is just garbage.

How can a system that is an i7, gtx 295, vista 64, 6gb ram, 1920x1200 screen etc...have trouble running a game this old? Granted the game does look nice, but it shouldnt be tearing like this.

Anyone else have this issue? Is there a magical combonation setting that im missing? Is it just that the hardware is too new for it and things arent going to mesh?
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  1. The monitor might be the problem, my hdtv for some reason systematically throws away frames at 60hz and also doesnt vsync at that refresh rate no matter what settings i use on the pc, with a software called powerstrip i set the refresh rate to 55hz and all tearing is gone, theres also a program called juddertest11 that you can use to test to see whether your display device is throwing away frames.
  2. But dont you think it would happen in all games? This monitor is brand new, its a Samsung T240, and games like Sacred 2 while scrolling on high runs perfect, and Crysis runs flawlessly and Civ IV on high runs smooth as well....Settlers is the only game it seems, does it still sound like a monitor issue?

    It just sucks, it really is irritating me because i want to enjoy this game but the hiccups and stutters as i scroll really take away.
  3. now it doesnt soud like a monitor problem, what frame rate are you getting then in that game
  4. Not sure, would i have to run fraps or something? Im newer to the new tech, its the first PC ive built since about 2001 so just so much has changed.

    But like for instance if im over a massive city and just watching it, there could be a million things going on, it runs flawlessly...i mean no stutters or lag or anything when im just watching still, its all just when i start to scroll the fields.

    ALSO...let me point out, that when i zoom on in and scroll around its pretty smooth.

    So its mainly when im zoomed on out as far as i can, and scroll around the field.
  5. yeah try running fraps and see whether framerate dips cause the stutters
  6. K, ill try to do that within an hour or two here and see what i can come up with.

    Oh something else i noticed in fiddling with it all, it seems the less juice i supply the game with in terms of options, it seems it does get better.

    And i was reading on the settler forums that they said people with lower end systems ran the game more smooth than people with higher end systems, but that makes almost no sense...but in a weird odd way i think i maybe get why, does that ring any bell?
  7. It may be a driver issue. Or it could be because the game was optimised for hardware from a few generations ago but that seems strange as all new graphics cards are 100% backwards compatible.
  8. If you have a multi core cpu. Set the affinity to utilize only 1 core. This solved the issue for me on a quad core. Hope that helps
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