Flight simulator x HP Pavilion or Dell xps studio for (FSX) i7

I finally am willing to buy a desktop for fsx with an i7 processor. But i am not going to make one i just want to buy it. The 2 desktops that catch my eye was the HP Pavilion Elite m9600t and Dell xps studio (links below)

please can someone tell me which is better for flight simulator x


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  1. Dont get any thing with on board graphics...pure crap.
    Fsx wants powerfull graphics card.Cpu not that big a deal,My core2duo isnt really used 100% when i play .i7 isnt as important as gpu.
    Fsx will bring the most powerfull i7 system to its knees,without an kick ass gpu.
    You want an gpu with as much memory as You can afford,at least 512,best 1 gig.
    HAve alook at toms gpu charts...
    Look at; 9800gt low end or 260**, mid range.or a nice 285gtx oh ya!
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