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So to summerize, I traded out my 360 for a PS3 (easier on the wallet with the free online, doesn't break down as often, etc). I used to run my 360 on a PC monitor via a VGA adapter I picked up on eBay. The adapter worked terrifically, but obviously it won't run my PS3. So now I'm in search of a way to hook up my PS3 to the monitor.

Unfortunately, this monitor does NOT have HDCP. I attempted the HDMI-DVI cable anyway because I heard mixed reports of some getting it to work, but after a night of playing with various options and what-not I had nothing but a blank screen. So it's off to plan B: Component.

This brings me to my next theory and first question...

I know I can get PS3 component cables. I also know I can get a VGA to Component adapter. With the addition of a simply coupler, I've got a PS3 to VGA adapter via Component. But will this work? Unfortunately the only electronic stores I have are Best Buy and RadioShack, and neither had the VGA-Component adapter. So I'm stuck with buying online. However, before I do all the ordering I was wondering if anyone knew how well this would work? How good is the quality from PS3 component? My monitor is a 19" standard screen from LG. Will the non-widescreen aspect ratio hurt the picture? (again, mixed reports)

And for my last question...

If this fails, I'm down to my possible final option: Buying a new monitor or TV. However, this is an expensive route, so it's my last resort. But I would like to get some info on my options as well. I'm not a huge stickler for HD or anything like that. I won't be watching BluRay and as long as I get a good, crisp picture I'm fine. I'm also not looking for anything huge. About anything 17"-20something" is good. My budget is the main issue: Less than $200, preferably $150 give or take $20 or so. So is there anything I can get to solve my needs? If it has the option for component and composite plug ins, that would be awesome! It would allow flexibility for retro consoles and what-not. However, it's not a necessity, just a niceity.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Easier solution: A few companies (Vdigi, ect) have VGA cables for the PS3 (with supplied stereo audio extension). That being said, using component->VGA is quite doable, just remember only to use the video cable (yellow), and to hook the sound cables (red/white) into your sound source.
  2. Ah, thanks for reminding me :) I meant to look up VGA adapters for the PS3. I'd only seen one before made for the PS3 and the Wii, but from what you say there are more out there. The one I had for my 360 was just a $10 one I found on eBay, but it gave a better picture than most TV's I've seen.
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