How much is this worth, does anyone want to buy it

hello, how much would this be worth to sell and does anyone want to buy it

AMD Vision Black

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black edition (UNLOCKED) overclocked @ 3.9 ghz (stable)

Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P (REV.2.3)

ati radeon 4890

Plus artic twin turbo Gpu fan.

4gb ddr2 ram

3 Case fans (one Cooler Master 12cm SickleFlow System Fan - Blue Leds, and 2 Artic f12 fans)

Case:Ezcool H550D BLACK Computer Case

CiT 750W Power Supply Unit with PSU and Dual 12V Rails - Black Edition

500gb sata hard drive 7200rpm

22x sata dvd wrier drive

Windows 7 Ultimate

bult in lan and 7.1 sound

Thanks in advanced
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  1. Are you willing to part it out?
  2. no sorry
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