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Okay first off I plan to eventually buy a new CPU, so this problem will only be short-lived for me, but...

I want to get a new MB, preferrably a 865PE chipset board for price and compatibility issues, but I currently have a socket 423 256k L2 cache 400FSB P4 @ 1.3 Ghz (yes, the FIRST P4). Everything I read says the 865pe chipset supports 400FSB, but I'm wary about the 256k L2 cache and the voltage differences from the Willamette core compared to future ones. Will that make a difference, i.e., make my CPU incompatible? I plan to get a 423->478 converter board so the socket isn't a problem. Eventually when I get more money I'm going to go for one of the 800FSB P4s, but right now I can only afford one or the other (and since a new CPU won't work in my old board, and I hate buying something new and having to wait to use it, I figured I'd go for the mobo first). Thanks for any help, and sorry if this has been asked before. I'm new to the board (but not THG) and didn't feel like reading 100s of threads.
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  1. I've never seen that converter. Every converter I've seen puts Socket 478 processors on a Socket 423 board. So I believe you're mistaken. If not, show a link!

    OK, another mistake: The FIRST P4 was the 1.4GHz. The 1.3GHz version was released 2 weeks later to fill the low end!

    I wouldn't even try it as the voltage requirements might mess up your board. That's assuming you have found the right adapter, which I doubt exists. Still, I have seen one member put a Socket 478 Willy on an Asus P4P800, even though it's not supposed to work. He claims success.

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  2. Ah, upon further research, I've noticed that all the "Socket 423 to Socket 478" adapters I saw convert a socket 423 SOCKET to a socket 478 socket, not a socket 423 CPU to a socket 478 CPU. At any rate, I'd feel safer just waiting and getting a new CPU for the new board instead of trying the old CPU. I guess if my new CPU was a Northwood or better Willamette and socket 478 the adapter would help, but the 2.4Ghz 800FSB is nicely priced (and if I wait to buy around the first of July, there should be another price cut I've heard).

    And by first I meant first in line, in speed order from lowest to highest...sorry...I find it almost a novelty, since most people I know who have Willamette-era P4s went for 1.4 or 1.6 and skipped over 1.3 altogether, even those bought after I had mine.
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