Would You Play Star Trek Online?

As a Star Trek fan myself, I'm partial to this game, and may actually pay full price for it when it first comes out.

It's of course cool to command your own ship, and those FPS-sounding away team missions looks interesting as well. Also, I wonder how the whole "fleets" thing (guilds) play out. Will we end up building a starbase for our member ships or something?

I just hope commanding the bridge won't turn out to be ST: Bridge Commander. Great concept, but the latter part of that game was very boring, because it was battle after battle after battle with Cardassian ships (even though their fleet was supposedly wiped out during the Dominion War).

That's my biggest worry about this game: maybe it'll be too repetitive for my taste. Somehow, grinding on a starship sounds way more cumbersome than say, Diablo II. Thoughts? :)
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  1. I'm definitely going to give it a shot, along with a dozen or so friends of mine, might just be quite awesome.
  2. I wonder though how much the publisher will charge for this? $40 a copy and $15 a month? Also, how large do you think the gameplay universe will be?

    I myself am excited about the game too... I'll just wait a bit for the reviews just to be sure, and hopefully the game will come out on Steam! :D
  3. Problem for me is it sounds like a Star Trek based EVE Online. Personally, I think both games will choke eachother to death...
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