Backup taking too long to finish!

Hi everyone!

I have a custom build PC running Windows 7 professional. I have two 500 GB hard drives in RAID0 and about 534 GB of data in total.

Every week, I backup to my iOmega NAS. The NAS have 2 harddrives with 1 TB each in RAID1 (mirror)

Here is the problem: When I do a full backup, its takes more than 16 hours to complete (I guess the server isn't the fastest one around) and the PC is in the same room as I sleep. When I build in computer I got a Antec 902 case for cheap through a local deal, but that case have in impressive amount of LED lights, so I cannot have the computer turned on over night.

Is there some way to pause a windows backup? Can I run the backup with my computer in a state with no sound or light (like hibernation or sleep).
Finally, if its impossible to not run the backup in one constant stream, and I cannot do it in a low-power state. Is there some solid 3rd party options for a backup that allows these features?

thanks a lot!

Full specs:
Core i7 920
470 GTX
2x 500 GB HDD (RAID0)
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3
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  1. After the first backup, all you need to do is incremental, it will only add new stuff to what you already got, complete backup every night is just dumb.
  2. I do incremental back-ups weekly, and those are fine, if I just start them early morning they're done by noon.

    Its the monthly full back-up giving me problems.
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