WTB low power DX10 Card, GT240 or 5670 level

I've got to build a computer for work, but we're probably not gonna get a serious power supply, so I need a weak graphics card (need better than Integrated for Revit). Does anyone have a lowend DX10 or better card they're selling? Ideally, I'd like a $40 GT 240 or $55 5670 or around there.
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  1. bump?
  2. I have a 4770 for sale. Sounds like a crappy card but actually performance wise I haven't noticed a difference between that and my 6850... Was looking to get 40 bucks + shipping for it... Low power consumption due to the 40nm chip over clocks nicely. Played bc2, crysis, black ops, and GTAIV all on high settings at around 100fps. Let me know.
  3. Thanks for the offer. The 4770's a solid card, but I'm trying to work with a 250W PSU, so any card that uses an auxiliary connector is out of the question. 80W TPD with that is VERY low, but I need lower.
  4. Ah gotcha. Bummer cause I have an ancient 7900GT still laying round too lol
  5. I've got a evga gt 240 I'd sell for the $40 if you are still looking.
  6. PM Sent.
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