Your Oldest (Original Year of Release Wise) Steam Game?

Ok, it's great Steam's expanding its catalog. But where are the older Comanche versions? The 4th version honestly sucks, and seeing the "Novalogic on Steam" banner suddenly made want to play Comanche One again. I really miss those Voxel graphics, and totally arcade-like treatment of high-tech warfare!

I mean, Steam's able to get old games to run through the platform properly, right? My X-COM Collection says so! :D

Anyone here enjoying older games on Steam?
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  1. Have both Oddworld's which works on Vista 64... that's about the oldest I have on Steam.
  2. The original Unreal. I couldn't get my original cd version to work a few years ago on an xp system but the steam version ran perfectly fine on windows 7.
  3. Only as far back as HL1, although I do still occasionally play Return Fire. (95 )

    Good Old Games has a pretty good range too.
  4. xcom ufo defense
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