FS: Steelseries 6gv2 - SOLD

Less than one month old. Its a nice keyboard, but I dont like the mx black switches. I would prefer browns or blues, so if you have and you want to trade im open for that too.

Cosmetically and in general theres nothing wrong with it at all. Looks brand new. Comes with usb->p/s2 adapter as well for your nkro.

I replaced the keycaps with unprinted red ones on the WASD cluster, arrow clust and esc key. I have the original ones too upon request.

Heres pics:

Send me pm if you want. Thanks!
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  1. Bumping price to 70 shipped.
  2. bavman said:
    Bumping price to 70 shipped.

    Can I ask why you're selling it so quick, and do you have pics of all the original keys? I am moderately considering buying.
  3. I had a board with blue switches before and I miss the tactical bump and click so I repurchased another board with blues and dont need this one anymore. Heres pics of original keycaps and the red ones:

  4. bavman said:
    Bumping price to 70 shipped.

    still on? sms 9388 2756.
  5. Sorry i actually just recently sold it but forgot to update the thread here.
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