875&865 + IDE RAID

I'm not ready to move to SATA. I want two drive IDE RAID 0. What are my options?
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  1. you seem to know what you want....what exactly is your question?..

    I will throw some advice and attempt to answer you....the best harddrives for the raid 0 array would be (2) western digital wd800JB's....if your motherboard has onboard ide rain controllers then you are set....if not then I fully recommend the Highpoint dual channel Rocketraid 133 pci card...I had outstanding drive performance from this setup!

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  2. I'm just disapointed that it's going to cost $40 just for this one extra feature. The only boards with built in PATA controllers are the high end ones. SATA to PATA converters are expensive. Add-in card. There all about the same. I was hoping someone knew something I didn't. $40 would be better spent elsewhere. RAID just isnt going to increase performance enough (gaming PC) to warrent the extra cost.
  3. The Asus 865 board has a good IDE RAID on the Northbridge.
  4. Your options are to either get SATA to PATA adapters confirmed compatable with your board (expensive), or get a IDE RAID controller card (cheap). You find Silicon Image RAID controller cards for around $25 at various online venders.

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  5. yes you are correct...you will not see a performance increase in gaming just out of running a RAID setup....but you will in some other enviroments....I do wish mobos still came with IDE raid instead of them all converting to serial ata raid onboard

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