Half Life won't install!!! Windows XP

I bought the GOTY version of Half Life 1 to play after finishing Half Life 2 and the episodes on my 360 copy of the Orange Box.

This is the CD, the original CD, not a download.

When I tell it to install, I don't even get an error message. All that happens is the window goes away, my disc drive revs up as if it's about to work, then stops. No error message, no nothing, it just stops. I'd really like to play this game, especially after waiting for it to be shipped from Amazon. I know about the 1.1.1 patch and tried installing it but that won't work because the game isn't installed yet.

Help me, please.
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  1. Hi IBx1, have you tried installing the game on another computer? If it still doesn't work, you must have faulty game disks; return for replacement!
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