Computer for sale

I was wondering how much someone might buy my computer for

Everything is fully functional

-Coolermaster 430 Black Elite Case
-AMD Athilon x2 250 (overclocked to 3.8GHz)
-XFX 9800gt
-4Gb of DDR2 RAM
-500Gb Hard Drive
-DVD R/W Drive
-600w Power Supply
-Asus M3A78 PRO AM3 motherboard with DDR2 support (4) slots
-Windows 7 Ultimate
-4 Fans (3) 120mm, (1) 140mm (all work fine)

How much would you pay for this computer?
Does not have to be an offer im just wondering what its worth
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  1. 100 $ tops
  2. I'm interested pending a couple questions what kind of psu? what kind of fans?
  3. Wanna sell the system?
    Let me know...

    Please email me at, cause I need a system right now!

    I might have a couple of question, but it is easier for on the email...
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