Windows 2003 file server sub folders permmision

Here is the problem

I have folder that have name Share and its share to all
In that folder i have sub folders A1, A2, A3...

In active directory i have organization groups accounting, managment etc...

I wont to disable for all groups write and modifed in folder Share but allow in sub folders A1 A2 A3... to have write and modife.

How could i do that ?
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  1. set the permission on each folders.
  2. I did tried but dont work.

    I set permision on folder Share to everyone read and on security card i configured domain users read, list, execute.

    On folder A1 B1 C1 i added in security cards groups sales, account permision to write but dont work

    Need some expert help guys ;)
  3. You need to set the share permissions to read/write, when accessing file/folders from a network share the most restrictive permissions apply.

    Share perms + ntfs perms = most restrictive perms apply.
  4. Normally subfolders are set to inherit permissions from their parent, this needs to be disabled first.

    Select folder and right click -> Properties -> Security (tab) -> Advanced -> Permissions (tab) -> "Change Permissions..." (button)
    Remove tick from "Include Inheritable permissions from this object's parent...". You can either keep the permissions, and edit them to your liking, or set completely new ones a this point.
    Don't forget to Apply/OK
  5. hello..i have this problem too but then i guess i solved it by sharing folders using SMB protocol by clicking..

    start>administrative tools>click on share and storage management

    everything is should just change other permissions..
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