Stereo T amplifier - Lepai Tripath - BULK BUY - $21 each amp


Only need at least 3 more amps spoken for. I'm buying a bulk order of these amps so we can get them for cheaper. If your interested in the bulk buy and/or have any questions please direct them through a PM. Feel free to post "PM sent" on thread.

Amps will be purchased from parts express and will include a power supply.

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  1. Bump-didaly-Bump
  2. i'll buy if its in the US because everywhere i checked is gonna ship from hong kong/china... :(
  3. Yup, continental US only. I had to cave in and buy one because the polk 30s dropped to 85 bucks on the egg. Amazon put the amp back on the super saver shipping thing at 27.80. So check that out if your looking for one.

    I still need one more, so if we get a dramatic amount of people together I can send in for a quoted price.
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