Labor Day Deals (good gaming monitor?)

Would this be a good gaming monitor? I am trying to get setup on a new rig and trying to locate other labor day deals.
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  1. In all honesty I wouldn't say that's a great labor day sale at the price point of $170 and tax.

    I've also never heard of Viore so I'm unfamiliar with their quality. It's hard to go by manufactures specs because they tend to exaggerate their numbers. The best way to judge the quality second to trying it yourself is from other peoples experiences and reviews. Some other recommendations in your price range would be the...

    Asus ($180/170 and free shipping @ time of link)
    Acer ($160 and free shipping @ time of link)

    Newegg and Amazon are both solid online retailers in the aspect of customer service and user interaction/reviews.

    Side Note: Yes they are 23.6" but your Viore model also says 23.6 in the specifications even though the title labels it as 24".

    Good luck.
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