Arma 2 can anyone help

So I have bought arma 2 and it seems awesome. One prob with multiplayer, I joined a server and then got lost. Where is my squad, how do I find an objective, let alone an enemy. I didnt know what to do! If anyone out there plays this and can spare a little time to help a noob out it would be really appreciated. I just wanna join a squad and help out my team, not wander about aimlessly.
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  1. Press 'm' to bring up the map and you can see where the objective is. If you're playing Evoltion or domination then you start in a base and there should be a flagpole nearby which you can go to and have the option of parachuting in or teleporting to a mobile respawn point. Or you can try getting a lift of a chopper leaving the base. Don't be afraid to ask people for help and try following players who look like they know what they're doing at first so you can learn the ropes. Good players like to cooperate and will be happy to show you around and have a buddy watching their back. is also a good source of information.

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