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Rare CALIBRE GTX 480 for sale

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September 2, 2011 10:09:42 PM

This is a great card that gets AWESOME scores.
Not a stock GTX480...this one come with higher specs and can Overclock even higher.
Put it this buddy put his GTX580 in my computer and they were only 7fps different.

Unlike all other GTX480s this one has EXCELLENT cooling and is very very QUIET....never gets hot....never.
Way better then reference gtx480 cards because all of those get hot and are very loud. This has 3 quiet fans while normal gtx480s have only 1loud one....check any review of refence based gtx480s to see how loud those get.
I like a near silent pc so I buy good stuff. :sol: 
Good luck finding one of these anywhere.

DirectX 11 status too!

I am switching to a Quadro Workstation Card and cant use this anymore.
My loss. Bye bye games that I could max out.

The card is a little long so make sure you have room as its 11.5in long.

Comes with the box and it think goodies that are still in the box (im at work but I will check).
Perfect working condition and like new.

PS. Those fans you dont see in case as they aim down when case you r worried about the color.

September 3, 2011 12:53:12 AM

I want this gone ASAP....
Hows...$290 sound?