COD 5 Nazi Zombie online issues

I have the most annoying issues with COD 5 Nazi zombies online. Half of the servers i join lets me in the other half says waiting for potential matches then says game no longer exists. This mostly happens when trying to play with my friends online when we send each other invites. Now i think it's moslty my end of the problem because i can see thier servers online if i dont accpet the invite but no one can never see mine. We have a wireless router in our house which i connect to. I even tried bypassing the router and connecting directly to the modem but that failed also.

Also on all of my games if i create a server no one ever joins. Not just they dont, they actually cant. i tried having friends join mine on other games but it always times out or some other error. So i think this has to relate to my COD 5 problems.So what could i do to fix my COD 5 online problems??

Ohh and multiplayer works fine, just the zombies/coop with friends fails.

Please help me!
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  1. Today I phoned to Activision and they CONFIRMED that they are having serious issues with CoD5 & Zombie levels.
  2. dude i have some great advidce ok so this is what u need to do first u need to goet to the part where u choose what u want to do so turn on game then press nazi zombies then press play onlie then when it says playstation network on topright hand corner thats when u invite ur friend or they invite you then when it says two or more ppl in the lobby then u press find game and choose settings then it will definately get u in a match with 4 ppl hope it helped reply telllin me u got the message thanks l8r

    btw my psn is::::::::: tikidark
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