Battlefield 3 Pre-Order For 29.99 $ Only

Hi there,

I wanted to share this great offer with all of you my friends.

NOW YOU CAN Pre-order the great upcoming Battlefield 3 Game

Only for $29.99

I got lucky to kow this site because it's really a great one

they sell keys with very cheap prices

It's A Great Site with great CD-Keys Discount

You will recieve your key in 5 minutes or less

i had a good Experience with this site

i hope you all like their offers and discounts

this is the main site url

they also have further discount coupons for all facebook fans

And sometimes they make giveaway of great games
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  1. You get a scanned copy of your key. So legit!
  2. Hmm where do I sign, I think I'll go with origin TY
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