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I'm having a sound problem with Assassin's Creed for PC. I know that much has been said on this topic already, but my problem is a little different than the missing voices that others experience. You see, when my sound works it all works and when it doesn't, there is no sound at all, not from the the intro/ubisoft screen, through menus and the game. No sound at all. I've tried to isolate the problem, but I can't.

Sometimes i'll load the game, no sound. then I'll quit, reload and have sound, Sometimes, i'll do the same, but have no sound after restarting the program 5 times.
I'll restart the computer and reload, still no sound. Then, somehow, it will work.

I only recently installed the game, I had onboard Radeon HD 3300 128mb graphics, but that didn't cut it so i got a HIS radeon hd 4670 512mb. Another factor is that I use my LCD tv as monitor and speakers connected through HDMI. When I installed the graphics card, I installed the latest ATI HDMI audio drivers too. Last night, I reinstalled sound drivers to get the sound working again, once. haven't played it since then, so maybe i fixed it? but i didn't do anything different?

Any thoughts?

I run vista 32bit
amd phenom II x4
4gb ram
as mentioned above, radeon 4670 512 mb gddr3
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  1. Ok, it didn't fix it. I just tried loading, and no sound at all. Anybody have any help?
    Want dxdiag text?
  2. m.hamdan............
    controlpanel-sound and audio devices- clickaudio-click advanced-turn audio accelatrator to minimum
    but only in assasin creed game........other games sound worse in this setting
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