FS: Cheap Various Nvidia GTX Graphics Card & Logitech G110

Selling videocards, have a batch of NEW, never used videocards, along with two used GTX 295. They come with no boxes or components, so they are OEM. If you guys need something like an SLI bridge, or a VGA-DVI converter, just talk to me about it, I have a plethora of stuff lying around. They will be shipped and packed perfectly, these prices are final with shipping in the continental united states only.

--- Video Cards ---

GTX 260 896MB GDDR3
- New $85

2 x GTX 295 1.7 GB GDDR3 - Used $160

GTX 460 768MB GDDR3 - New $110 SOLD

GTX 560 ti 1GB GDDR5 - New $185 SOLD

-- Stuff --

Logitech G110 $45 USD NEW In box sealed.

I'll take only paypal, since I feel it's the safest for both the buyer and the seller. I'll only ship within the continental US unless you wish to msg me about extra shipping fees.

***Heres information about my GTX 295's
Used Nvidia GTX 295 1.7 GB GDDR3 Dual PCB

This is the Dual PCB version which means it can be voltage tweaked and overclocked very easily, to gain an extreme performance boost. While this card is not the newest Nvidia generation, it's performance is equivalent to 85% of the current strongest single-GPU video card on the market. $160 is a steal for this card. It works perfectly and is in perfect condition, no dust etc.

Comes with no box or accessories.

Feel free to post or PM me for more details!!

Thanks! I will ship the day of or the next business day of payment clearing!!!
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  1. Hey man, I was looking to buy one of those keyboards, but I'm from Australia. My question is: do I have to pay for shipping? :o
  2. make the price $30 if you want to sell
  3. Well it wasn't when I posted it. I'll edit the price.
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  5. Sorry, i won't take lower than 43. I'd make 10 dollars profit if I sold it at $25. :(
  6. Yeah..?....What's wrong about it?
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  9. Bump with new stuff added
  10. PM sent! Any info about the GTX 560 Ti ???
  11. PM sent!
  12. 2 x GTX 295 1.7 GB GDDR3

    How much for both with shipping? What brand and is there any warranty left?
  13. Bump!!!!
  14. oh my god $110 for 560 ti? what a deal :C wish i had seen this before
  15. Except it's a year old...
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