trouble installing windows on new MB and HD.

I recently decided to upgrade an old computer I had. I purchased an ECS K7VMA motherboard that came with a 1.3 GHz Duron. I also purchased a 30 GB Maxtor HD. I installed everything in my old case, inserted 256 MB PC133 of RAM and turned it on. The bios recognized the HD and cd writer, no problem there.

The problem is when I install windows 2000, it gives me an error after it finishes installing, it can't boot. It tells me that a file is missing from the registry and to reinstall it again. I have done it 3 times already and still I get this errors about the registry missing files or being corrupted.

I also tried with an older 20 GB HD and the same thing happened so it can't be the HD. I think it may be the motherboard but I don't see how.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate it. I've built PC's before and never had this type of problem so I don't know what to do anymore.

thanks all.
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  1. which error are you getting?
    ntldr loader not found?
    after you loaded windows did you check your boot sequence before booting?
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