NewEgg suddenly increased $80 on Asus G53SW laptop!!!

Several days ago, I saw this for 1039.99 with $100 rebate card and now it has become $1119 with $100 rebate card. I don't care much about the rebate but $80 more, I just can't understand why :((
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  1. Newegg prices will change with each shipment that they receive (they use a replacement cost pricing in most cases) so when they receive a shipment and it costs them more they will change the price. - they may have gotten a better price on the last shipment so the price was better then. Same thing happens with their other products as well -- you could try calling their support department and tell them you were ready to place an order at the then listed price and they will sometimes match that older price (depends on the CS you reach and whether they can verify the other price) but never hurts to give it a try !!
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