XBOX 360 controller to be used on PC

Hello everybody,
Around 5-6 months ago, I have bought The Last Remnant, and yesterday I have just bought Transfomers 2 and perhaps next month (If I have enough money) I will buy Street Fighter 4.
I think it is time for me to get myself a game controller.
Actually I am considering to buy XBOX 360 controller, if this can be used also on PC.
Now I have questions :

Can XBOX 360 controller be used on PC for any games (setting the controller is another matter)?
If it can, how? is it easy to connect ? do I have to download special softwares or drivers or can my win VISTA business 64-bit (with SP2) recognize and use it directly?

Please help me on this, and thanks in advance.

Have a nice day.
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  1. problem...I have borrowed it from a works...but I wanna buy it..."$%§"%!!...It is expensive....with cord = €34.99...cordless = €39.99...not to mentioned adding the shipping fee = +€7.0....

    I have to think over it again........
  2. Wrong move I made ...should have only bought SF4 and the controller...not the Transformer 2...
  3. does the cordless work well, does it come with a usb dongle or something
  4. You have to buy the PC version. It is the same controller as the 360 but it comes with the wireless USB receiver you need to connect the controller to the PC. With the receiver you can then buy any 360 wireless controller if you needed a second one. You can also buy the receiver alone for about $19.99 but its better to get it packaged with the controller if you dont have either yet.
  5. I bought a used 360 controller online for $25 with the cord and I love it! It just works for almost every new PC game with controller support. I'm actually more from the old school where I like the mouse and keyboard but for some games the controller is needed.
  6. yeh the controller is spot on, i have one. it works with the last remnant but i cant get the game to work on my pc properly but thats a GC issue.

    as said above, make sure u get the controller for the PC and now 360 because they are different, the pc 1 comes with the receiver.
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