Anyone Waiting for Splinter Cell: Conviction?

All I know is that, when I first Sam Fisher do the split-jump, I was amazed. Hope this game provides something similarly awesome!
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  1. I'm very excited. Loved the first two games and then missed the third one.

    I was getting pretty concerned about Conviction when they showed those first trailers, but since they've taken it in the new direction shown at E3, I'm very pumped again. I even went and bought Double Agent to pass the time.

    Turns out it's really good too, though the menus are pretty clunky (glad that everything will transition smoothly in Conviction).
  2. I never played splinter cell, even though I have the first one which game with my sound card. I saw the trailer and I have to admit it does look good, but I am not much of a fan of 3rd person fps.
    Personally, I am waiting for StarCraft 2, I think the world is waiting for this game.
  3. Waiting; I have the entire Tom Clancy Series on the PC, and I'm up to Conviction in the timeline, so I'm kinda stuck...
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