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How do I go about creating a FS thread on here? Do I have to have a certain amount of posted msg's before I am able to?
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  1. Just read the rules at the top of the Forum page and make your post following them -- do not need any specific number of posts but the more you have the more likely others will be to trust your info --- So with a low number of posts may need to include Pay Pal options for payment or other seller info from other sites like Heatware - Ebay etc. as it is hard to get people to send money for an item to someone they can not track or have no history on !
  2. Thanks. Yeah I have heatware. I am 15-0 on there. I have sold several things and bought items on another forum's classified section, but I noticed some forums require minimum posts thats why I asked. Thanks!
  3. posted this in the FS section... :D
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