100?fps 4850 x2 2gb Problems?

Hey guys my names is david i just built my computer 4 days ago. Spec

AMD II x4 3.2ghz OCED 3.6ghz
4gb ram
600 wd hdd
200 wd hdd
4850 x2 2gb
750 watt antec

I have 100 fps in a pub server. But it goes down to 80 fps at lowest in dd2. aint i suppose to have constant.. 100
In zombie i get 100 SOMETIMES.... lowest i got is 30 fps. In some maps. How do i fix this? can u guys give me to commands thats best for no choke more fps.
Also in css i run the video stress test i get up to 260 fps. AVG fps is 115 MAX. everything high my freind same everything high 115 fps with a duo core. 4650 gfx.wtf?!

O yea i have 1-60 choke sometimes plz someone respond i need help. This is not suppose to happen i have a 4850 x2 cmon.......
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  1. ?

    could you explain in plain English please?

    assuming you speak english.

    also just to note, ATi cards aren't great when it comes to minimum FPS.

    and make sure you have installed catalyst 9.6 and enabled Crossfire.
  2. all done. same problem.
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