Horrendous low FPS for 50% of the time in EVERY GAME

First of all I'm sorry if this question was already asked, but I couldn't think of a way of searching for it.

Okay, I've been noticing that EVERY single game I play, I get like 10 seconds on extremely smooth performance, but then, like 6 seconds of ridiculously low FPS (like 3 frames per second).

It doesn't matter if it's an old game or a new game, it always happens.

My specs: AMD 64X2 5600+ 3.0Ghz
4Gb Ram
512Mb GF9600Gt w/ latest drivers
Running Win XP Pro 32

-It's not the temperature, as it is around 45°C which is fine.
-Not a background processes issue, nothing is consuming neither RAM or CPU.

For example, with Prototype running, the CPU Usage is around 30% and the Commit Charge around 400 / 5211 M

Any help would be very... huh... ...helpful.

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  1. I had this problem too and I just fixed it. My problem is that my processor was over heating. I was cleaning my PC about a week a ago and didn't plug the fan back in for the processor and installed my bfg gtx 260 and was hyped to use it but when I played a game I was getting the same issue as you are. I thought it was my card and I went back to check things and turns out it was just the fan unplugged.

    So...maybe another part on your computer is overheating. Or maybe your mobo is having issues with transfer speeds with your card and you might need to get a newer one.

    You can Google "random lag spike" and it'll show a whole bunch of hits where other people are having the same issue. Hopefully you can find your solution.

    Keep us updated and good luck!!!

  2. hmmmm.....
    try downloading EVGA precision, maybe your GPU is underlcoked and donwload CPUID

    check whats the status of your PC.
  3. I also had the same problem, my problem was my XFX 9600 GT was overheating. I replaced it with a XFX 9800 GTX+ and i haven't had any problems yet.
  4. download "AMD DUAL CORE OPTIMIZER".
  5. hey im having a similar problem. i have a 4850 x2 2gb wich is like godly.. i get 100 fps in cs1.6 pub servers. but in cs1.6 zombie server with 32 man. i experice lowwww fps it even got down to 40-60. i get 100 fps sometimes in zombie plz help.
  6. do what wh3resmycar said.
  7. Sorry for being out for so long, I actually had my main HD formatted, and I'm still getting the lag spikes... u.u

    The CPU temperature under load is never higher than 55°C
    The CPU usage under load is never higher than 30%
    And the Memory usage is never higher than 30%
    And the GPU temperature, never higher than 50°C

    I do have the AMD Dual Core Optimizer installed.

    I'm running out of hopes here...
  8. hmm,

    1: Did this just occur out of randomniss, or have you been having this from day 1
    2: Also i take it your not overclocking (just want to b sure)
    3: And what psu are you running this on?


  9. HMMM you've got 4g of ram,,,get rid of the swapfile,I only have 2g and I got rid of that soul sucker long time ago you should be running at least a 500w psu from a reliable source and of course you do defrag regularly
    fastest defrager in the west,does not consolidate tho..:)
  10. So Heat is not a problem then.
    Can i make a small point here.
    You may have 4Gb but windows xp 32 bit can only address 3.25 of it.

    Try it with just 2Gb.
  11. It would help if I knew what games he was trying to run; a 9600GT + an Athlon can cause some problems like this, simply because both components may be a bit underpowered for the games in question.
  12. It happens in pretty much every game. All of them. From old 2000 games to new 2009 games, same thing happens, which doesn't show any lack of specs for them.

    The temperature is fine under load aswell.
    I have the latest nVidia driver for my VGA and the latest DirectX...

    All the obvious reasons have been considered by me, this is just plain weird.
  13. I have a Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU.

    Also tried disabling the swap file. No sucess.
  14. List the games anyway.

    Also, what type of RAM are you using? Sounds almost like a RAM bottleneck to me...also, try defragmenting your HD.
  15. Ok you won't believe how stupid I feel now.
    It appears to be indeed an overheat issue. I was really impressed at how the CPU cools down just by switching tasks while playing the game, to check the sensors.
    I opened my case and stuck a big fan beside it and voilá! Perfect smooth gaming.

    Thanks for all the help!
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