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Hello, whenever I start up Call of Duty 5 Solo, I go to "level select" and then when I pick difficulty, nothing happens!!! Is there any fix for this? Patch 1.4 installed too. I have tried reinstalling, without luck.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Does it play if you don't choose a Level?
    If Running Windows try launching the game, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete go to Processes and try to assign a higher priority, like Above Normal or than try, High. Than go back to the game. I hope that works!
    If that don't do it not sure but just a thought if that picture is your machine you my need a little more umpf to keep it running.
  2. Try one stick of RAM and disconnect everything else.
  3. I did more research on it, for some reason windows 7 didn't write my product key to the registry, and when I added the entries, the game didn't seem to look for them. But I'm running fine in vista!!! Thanks,
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